Status Update

5-30-2014 We're going live this afternoon. Since we've changed sites you'll probably be redirected when you visit
Once you reach the new site please update your bookmarks accordingly. Shouldn't be long now.

5-28-2014 We've made tremendous progress over the last few nights but are still a litte ways away.
We have all of the data up and running on a test site, and are tweaking a few final items today and tonight.
Right now we are adding additional administrative tools that will provide easier moderation and rule enforcement.
We see a noticeable difference in overall performance due to the upgrades we have done which number over 300 so far. Please hang in there, we'll be back soon and thanks for your patience.

On Thursday, May 22nd, the server that runs the bulletin board suffered a catastrophic failure.
We worked throughout the weekend to find alternatives but being a holiday weekend it was difficult to bring the site back up.
We have decided to transfer to a new machine and while we are doing so implement some upgrades at the same time.
Unfortunately, it will be at least late Tuesday, May 27th or later before we will have things back up and running.
Please remember that the bulletin board is a volunteer effort. While it is often called the MWT Bulletin Board-
MWT does not have responsibility for operating it. MWT has been more than gracious by providing the bandwidth and connections at no cost to us for many years.